Sunday, August 9, 2015

Family and a few other shots, July/August 2015

Eleni on ferry from Evia to Sterea Ellas


Eleni and Jan at Meteora

Three musketeers at Meteora

Eleni at Delphoi

Me and Jess at some hovel in need of renovation. Doesn't he look like Tach T. here?

Yorgo's grave: marble vestments on the way

The two Elenes thimiasing.

Theo Andoni and Thea Katina's grave on left, Elias Raftopoulos' on the right

House for sale in Machaeroi

A cousin's house in Machaeroi

Cypress forest at Machaeroi

The two Elenes on top of Farangi of Samaria

Jess at cafe at Farangi, with Tsikoudia! Highest peak of White Mts. in background.

Same spot as above, only the mountain is bleached out! Sorry...

Dinner at sunset at Honolulu (in Chalepa, Xania) Great dinner! Two Elenes and us...

Elias Marathaki working at his uncles Zaharoplasteio: this guy is awesome.

Irene Marathaki in middle at Eleni's Chania home. She's doing great (thanks to Eleni's help) Still speaks great English.

Tunnel designed and built by my Papou in the White Mts. Thrilled to go through it.

Eleni at Hora Sfakion--wonderful Sfakiot cheese pita...Delish.

Jess with 3rd cousin, Manouso Kelaidis, who owns that Taverna: blue eyed handsome devil.

Daskalogianni: our ancestor (named Pano Kelaidis) was killed fighting with him.

Psiloritis (Mt. Ida: upper left center) from our table at a wonderful restaurant between Chora Sfakion and Rethymno

Xeriscape at the Limani in Rethymno (which was unrecognizable--the city, not the xeriscape)

Full moon in Rethymno (usual suspects)

One of two oners of cheese factory in Perivolakia on left (Manoli (I think) Papagiannaki. Center, sitting, is another cousin Papagiannaki who owns the olive oil press nearby. Wonderful visit.

Stele honoring another ancestor who fought in Theriso

Fabulous dinner at Niko Kornaraki's (right)

Konstandina on left, Niko's lovely wife on the right...

Panagioti (right) with son-in-law (whose name I forgot--a Dr. in Castelli--Kostandina's husband)

Rafaela (Kostandina's baby) and Panagioti (Niko's). Too kyute!

Rafaela reminds me a lot of Annoula as a baby.

Whole clan

Kostandina's clan

 Niko's clan

Chalepa at Sfakopighadi: my mom used to play up there

Adoring cousins

Panagioti cutting Vleeta for us to take to Chania (Jesse never had enough of these)

Next trip en route to Elafonisi we ran into the OTHER cousin who owns the cheese factory in Perivolakia--a marvellous fellow (Papagiannaki). Forgot to photograph the Milk truck. Sorry


Elenes at a fish tavern in Kastelli (very funny dinner--and good too)

One of the three blond babies my sister Mary baptised--this one from Sfakopighadi: her maiden name is Patinioti. We bumped into her at a kafe we were sampling in Kastelli

Niko and two Panagioti's at a Cretan dance exposition in Kissamo village

I met Manoli Kelaidis (I'm 2nd cousins with his dad): a real Cretan palikari, albeit born in Athens! He spends every moment he can spare at his family home in Machairoi. His gorgeous wife is Slovakian born and speaks fluent English as well as Greek. That's the Acropolis glowing overhead: they treated us to a sujmptuous dinner at the loveliest place imaginable with unimpeded view of the entire Attic valley at sunset. Enchanting, as was every day of the trip...